what does clear quartz help with

What Does Clear Quartz Help With?

Clear Quartz is the most common, versatile, and popular crystal stone mineral that is vastly found in abundance in every continent.

According to different ancient native culture mythology, it was connected to spirituality, gods, and ancestors, future prediction, cosmic energy, the symbolism of generosity and benevolence, and healing purpose.

Therefore, Clear Quartz is the “Master Healer and the Highest potential” of all the quartz crystal mineral stones.

The Ancient Greek philosophers thought that its transparent aesthetic was formed from permanent ice that cannot thaw or melt, hence the name Quartz.

But in reality, the Clear Quartz is made up of silicon oxide with a six-sided prism and it can either be white or clear when it is completely pure.

In its impure state, it can either be milky or a combination of both milky and white in characteristic because it contains traces of other elements.

Clear Quartz Meaning and Significance

what does clear quartz help with
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As aforementioned earlier, Clear Quartz is a Master Healer, which means it has the powers to heal through amplifying your energy and memory, thereby providing you with the highest potential of your abilities.

Thus, it manifests its significance through the following ways:

1. Harmonizing and Aligning Your Chakras

With its ability to amplifier your energy, Clear Quartz energy vibration traps or absorbs the negative energy in your chakras to unblock and balance them.

Unblocking and balancing is the best way of activating your chakras which helps to make you feel free from the shackles of burdens within you.

Carrying burdens of negative energy within you can make you feel heavy thereby blocking your potential to further explore more about yourself.

2. It Improves Your Mental Abilities and Skills

Through unblocking and balancing your chakras, significantly help you to discover and explore more about the potential abilities that you were not aware of yourself.

Hence, it gives you the freedom to be creative because you are free from burdens thereby improving your focus and concentration towards the task you intend to execute.

Exploring more about your potential abilities significantly helps to equip you with skills of handling adversities towards your future.

3. It enhances Your Mental Health and Memory

Negativity paralyzes your mental stability and its potential abilities thereby it makes your mental health and immunity weak or deteriorates.

Try to practice yoga or meditation with the clear quartz placed at the center of your forehead to help you unblock and balance the third eye chakra.

Opening your crown chakra will significantly send positive vibe signals in your mind to strengthen and stabilize your mental health.

Having stable mental health improves your cognitive skills and expands your imagination, intuition, and creativity beyond self-awareness.

The more you explore your mental abilities the more active and engaged you become which would help you to build a brighter future and a good memory.

4. It Reawakens and Improves Psychic Abilities

Psychics also need stable mental health for them to tap into their extrasensory abilities.

The concept of using Clear Quartz while working helps them to unblock their third eye and crown chakras to improve their spiritual and mental abilities.

This would then improve their focus and concentration on their intentions and psychic gifts.

5. It Improves Your Physical Being and Immunity

The impact of opening the third eye chakra will consequently awaken the root chakra.

The root chakra is the foundation of your physical state, thus the more mentally you become active and engage it will improve your physical strength because the positive energy vibration and the signal will set you towards a greater purpose.

Being physically active enhances the physiological processes of your body which would then stimulate and improve your immunity against opportunistic diseases and more.

6. It Helps to Bring Your Emotions and Spirituality Into Alignment

Sometimes we feel burdened and incomplete because we carry negative emotions, habits, and behavior within our hearts.

This deprives the heart of its normal purpose ordained by God, instead of pumping blood, loving, and spiritual connecting with God.

A heavy hurt can cut links with your spirituality, bring instability with how you relate with people around you and even invite cardiovascular health complications.

To improve your spirituality, it would be best to first your negative energy resonating from the emotions and bad habits you are holding within you which is your worst enemy.

Therefore, with the use of Clear quartz complemented with a Rose quartz, it will help to open, align and revitalize the crown and heart chakra to pave in positive energy vibration for deep cleansing your soul.

Hence, marking the beginning of your emotion and spiritual healing.

7. It Helps You to Practice Manifestation

Every individual has faith and hope for a brighter future, but many have failed along their journey because they lack purpose and strategy.

The only way towards accomplishing your success is to find a purpose because we were created unique from each other to serve a purpose in the universe.

Therefore, understanding who or what you are will help you understand your purpose in the universe.

But with the negative energy that manifests through our bad habits, unhealthy behavior, lack of spiritual connection and burdened heart it would be difficult for an individual to become aware of who they are and attain peace and calmness.

Therefore it would help to call upon the Clear quartz energy vibration and frequency to help you practice your manifestation towards your purpose and success.

The significance of incorporating clear quartz energy into your manifestation practice it will instill hope and faith despite the adversities you are facing.

The more you practice manifestation, the more you realize and learn more about your abilities to solve the barriers that block your chakras towards your path and intentions.

8. Promotes Mental Clarity

Coming up with goals you want to achieve in your life is easy, but what to begin with might be difficult because the impact it might invite in your life can either be constructive or destructive.

However, this depends on the priorities, urgency, and either internal or external influence which can make you have unclear clarity of what to execute first.

Therefore, with the use of Clear Quartz, you can tap its energy to help you find a purpose and improve self-awareness for you to evaluate your choices and remind you often about your goal.

Hence, bringing in mental clarity on what to execute first until you achieve or reach your exponential potential.

9. A Great Remedy for Easing Pain

The further reason why Clear Quartz is considered the Master Healer is that it has abilities to relieve pain.

When you place the Clear Quartz on the area of the discomfort it will send its energy vibration frequency to the area to soothe the pain, meaning is an aphrodisiac remedy/therapy for pain.

However, before/after using it would help if you soak it in salty water for few hours to kill the bacteria/virus/pathogens and cleanse it to restore its power.

10. It Preserves and Protects Your Energy

Some days you may become hyper and overwhelmed because of anxiety caused by too much energy emanating within you.

Since the future is uncertain, it would be good to have control over our energy because it might affect us positively or negatively.

Therefore, if you feel like can’t control your chakras, it would help to embark on meditation and employ the Clear Quartz energy vibration to balance your chakras.

Clear Quartz has the metaphysical healing property that would help to align all your chakras by soothing them.

How to Ultimately Harness the Clear Quartz Benefits

what does clear quartz help with

Using the Clear quartz sometimes does not guarantee that you will reap its benefits because sometimes we approach it with a lot of expectations without understanding how it works.

Understanding how it works will help you to learn the ways how to use it and set your intentions for the clear quartz to prove the significance you have employed in your life.

Therefore, employ the following tips for you to ultimately benefit from it. They include:

  • Hold the clear quartz in your non-dominant hand because it is the most sensitive hand that will allow the energy vibration to easily infuse and channel it into your body.
  • Take a deep breath and talk to the Clear Quartz silently verbally or heartedly about your intentions especially when you are meditating. This will help to speed up the interaction between the affected area and the clear quartz energy signals.
  • Frequently or periodically cleanse it when it feels heavy in your hand or its appearance starts to fade. Since they work by interchanging methods of emitting positive energy and absorbing and storing negative energy from an individual it becomes heavy and fades with time. Therefore, cleansing helps to restore its healing power which makes it more active and powerful.
  • Approach your Clear Quartz with minimal expectation and patience. Since it is difficult to experience changes at once, it would help if you lower your expectation and practice patience while using it because it works slowly and the more time goes you experience its healing powers and significance in your life.
  • Lastly, it is important to set your intentions clear before using the clear Quartz for healing purposes. This is because setting your intentions is equivalent to preparing or setting up your Clear Quartz to easily connect you with its energy and your purpose.

How to Use The Clear Quartz

what does clear quartz help with
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Now you understand how to maximally harness the Clear Quartz healing power, therefore, you can embark on using it through the following ways to benefit you. They include:

1. Wearing It

Clear Quartz has been designed in form of bracelets, necklaces, studs, pendulum, and waist lace. The purpose of being designed into these forms is to remind frequently of your manifestation or intentions.

This will allow you to be physically and energetically closer to it for its healing power to maximally work or heal you and remind you of your purpose whenever you see it or feel in on your body.

Moreover, you will be capable of sharing your imagination and vision with it for you to attract and achieve the best for your life.

2. Decoration or Aesthetic Purposes

Infusing the Clear quartz in your living space or environment will serve as a constant reminder of your intentions and help you to feel calm and relaxed when you feel uncomfortable.

Furthermore, it will also help to improve your relationship with others at work, home, and even in public places because its calm and soothing power attracts peace and harmony to every individual despite differences in our arguments and perception.

3. Tuck Under Your Pillow

After a busy day at work, everyone longs for a hot long shower bath and rest to calm and relax their body.

However, sometimes after taking shower and resting our minds sometimes or most of the time are clouded with the negative energy we encountered at work, towards our way to home, and other issues regarding our family and friends.

Therefore, tucking the clear quartz under your pillow would greatly help you to overcome the negative energy emanating from within and keep you calm thereby promoting a peaceful night.

4. Meditation

The best method to experience the therapy or aphrodisiac healing powers of Clear Quartz is to practice yogic meditation with it.

Practicing meditation would significantly prove much beneficial and maximally harness its energy vibration to free and open your chakras and relieve pain by placing it directly on the affected area of your body.

How to Cleanse The Clear Quartz

As aforementioned earlier cleansing your Clear Quartz is the best way of recharging its power and for you to maximally harness its benefits, but how would you cleanse it?

There are many ways or methodologies you can employ for that purpose, these includes:

1. Burning it with Sage

Sage is a sacred plant that has a lot of healing powers and uses. Therefore, burning it with the sage plant is a natural way of cleansing and restoring its powers because it absorbs the smoke and then disperses it with negative energy.

However, while burning it under the sage flame hold the clear quartz with a non-dominant hand and let the smoke envelop it for about 30 seconds to a minute.

2. Cluster it with Larger Quartz Crystals

Since other quartz crystals like Amethyst geodes, Rose quartz, and many more, have healing powers that work like sharpening an iron using an iron.

Therefore, surround it with other types of quartz stones or place it directly inside or on top of these stones.

The vibration energy from these stones will absorb the negative energy from the Clear Crystals while it absorbs positive energy from them thereby restoring its healing power.

3. Burry it Beneath The Brown Rice

Brown rice can cleanse the Clear Quartz because it absorbs the negative vibrations and frequency from the crystal.

However, for it to be effective you should burry it beneath the Brown rice overnight and dispose of the rice after removing it in the morning.

4. Sound

Did you know that sound is also another way of cleansing and restoring your Clear Crystal healing powers? Yes, Sound produces vibration with originates from the tone or the pitch of the sound.

Therefore, you may use drums, folklore sounds, and chanting sounds or sing loudly. The sound vibration will encompass the stone to absorb the negative vibration from it.

However, this method is time-consuming, hence the need to practice patience while cleansing.

5. Submerge it in The Running Stream Water

Stream water has a lot of minerals than tap water, therefore, submerge the Clear Quartz in the running stream water for the minerals to absorb the negative energy from the stone to renew its healing power and appearance.


Clear Quartz is a unique crystal stone with healing powers, but it would help if you know when to cleanse it because it will feel heavy and its appearance would also change.

Therefore, you should cleanse periodically when you notice its physical changes and density. Taking care of your Crystal quartz is the same as re-energizing your body after a shower for hygienic purposes.

Finally, employ the tips above to cleanse and restore its power for you to benefit from its healing powers.

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