what is black obsidian good for

What is Black Obsidian Good For?

Obsidian is an amorphous and highly brittle rock type. Its properties make it easily fracture with more sharp edges. The rock was used in the past for crafting, piercing, and cutting tools such as surgical scalpel blades.

The obsidian rock contains about 5 to 6 Mohs scale hardness, translucent optical properties, vitreous luster, and more.

The obsidian is a crystal-like rock with huge beneficial properties. In some cases, it is known to be a mineraloid stone made from some natural glass. Obsidian contains several varieties like gold, snowflake, silver, mahogany, rainbow sheen, velvet, and black.

These varieties of obsidian are found naturally in Central American countries such as Mexico, as the area receives more volcanic activities.

This rock is found in many crystal shops- it has an opaque black color. It is beautiful as it results from volcanic lava that has cooled quickly, making it glass-like.

what is black obsidian good for
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The structure of this obsidian type is not crystalline but smooth and highly reflective. Black obsidian is connected to the base or root of your chakra. With this stone, you are assured of protection and healing.

Black Obsidian contains extremely powerful energies making it capable of possessing water, earth, and fire elements. The stone has been available for a long time since prehistoric times. It has a wide range of uses such as crafting arrowheads, spear points, and more.

From its different purpose, it was used by the Stone Age people, lightworkers, Native American shamans, spiritualists, alchemists, and others. The black obsidian is made available nowadays in different forms like jewelry, obelisks, pyramids, and black spheres tumbled or polished black eggs.

In this article, we will discuss black obsidian stone, what it is used for, important benefits, and more. To obtain more knowledge on this topic, keep reading this article to the end.

Ways to Use Black Obsidian

There is a range of ways you can use black obsidian depending on your needs. Some of these ways are as follows:

1. For Grounding Purposes

Black Obsidian is a high-quality stone having a great centering and grounding potential. Being such a great stone, you can include it in any practices you perform relating to grounding.

In this case, you can add it to your meditation activity by having this kind of stone in your hand. Also, you can have it in your bag any moment you are going out. Still, you can place it close to your root chakra.

Therefore, the black obsidian stone is not only associated with grounding but also security.

When this stone is put within the chakra’s base or root, its resonance is too strong to enhance potent vibration for self-grounding.

2. Unwanted Energy Removal

The obsidian stone possesses high-quality energy, capable of clearing unwanted energy of whichever kind from your body. You can perform this great activity in your home or even your aura.

To do this, you can sweep this stone over your entire body. You can decide to pass a piece of it over a specified chakra if not the whole body to assist in field clearing.

This type of black obsidian contains some strong energy that works perfectly by assisting you in moving any excess energy down for grounding. Here the excess energy is moved through your earth star chakra and the Mother Gaia.

3. For Spiritual Communication

The black obsidian stone vibration possesses a prevailing action that is ideal in making spirit guide contact possible. With this stone kind, you are assured of successful spiritual communication.

This stone has been used for many centuries by crystal gazers as well as shamans. They have been able to perfectly contact their spiritual world.

When it comes to this act of divination or any moment you want to use black obsidian for divination purposes, you are supposed to transform the stone into a sphere. In this case, you can use it for crystal gazing, divination, as well as scrying purposes.

You can incorporate the black obsidian in any dream work you are willing to practice. More so, you can have an obsidian mirror instead of having just an irregular stone as a divination tool.

4. For Aiding Astral Travel and Dreamwork

When you want to explore the realm of the astral, you will be required to have an obsidian stone with you. In this case, you can also have rainbow obsidian or peacock with you to make the whole activity successful.

It is something that requires less or no thinking to perform. Just place your stone on your nightstand or under the pillow.

Then you are supposed to pair it with meaningful dreams, intentions, or astral travel. Every moment you are trying this activity, don’t have high expectations of it working instantly.

Always give it some time or several trials and ensure your intention is held in the mind.

5. In Feng Shui

For you, to have a successful stone or crystal incorporation into the feng shui, you are supposed to use the map of feng shui Bagua to select the corresponding stone’s color. It is one of the top, best and straightforward ways to apply.

In feng shui, the water element is connected to the color black. Furthermore, water represents depth, wisdom, and fluidity. You can use black obsidian to incorporate all the above qualities into your life.

You can use this obsidian stone to place room by room in your home for protection intentions. There are several ideas you can apply to incorporate the stone into a certain area, here are some of few ideas:

a. Bedroom

It is the room in your home area that is closely and highly connected to you. Therefore, when it comes to personal protection, you need to have a black obsidian stone or crystal with you there to assist you on the same.

This choice is so important if in any way you have an anxious or ungrounded feeling when trying to sleep.

For protection purposes, you can also use this black stone. Place some pieces under every bed corner, or use a grid to place on each corner of your entire home.

b. Workspace

Your workplace or home office is what represents your general career. It is a crucial area of your life and requires you to protect it highly from negative energies.

In that case, you need to use black obsidian in your workplace no matter where it is located. It will offer you more protective energy and your work life will be successful throughout.

Checking on the map of Bagua water is also connected to social media or your career. In your working area, you can use several black stones as a way of bringing more water elements.

The essence of having the black obsidian in your working area is due to its ability to make us stay focused. More so excellently grounded in the real physical realm.

c. Entry

Most people care more about their home’s main entrance because it’s where opportunities, other people, energy, and more get to their life and home too.

In this case, no matter the reason, you might need to place a black obsidian stone close to your front door. It will assist you by offering some extra protection or security.

When your front door is not located at your home’s center, it might be at Kan. Kan is also known as a career and in Chinese is highly connected to the color black and the water element.

Therefore, the black obsidian stone will play a supportive role here.

d. Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, you need to be very careful as it represents your resources as well as the way you nourish yourself.

Whenever you require extra protection around your nourishment, resources, and food, then placing a black obsidian stone will be of great help.

6. For Protection

In most cases, black obsidian is used in making a protection shield. This shield assists in harmful energies warding off.

With this stone, you can wear or carry it to help you absorb or avoid any negativity that you can encounter on the way.

7. For Showing Reflections

You can use the black obsidian to show your reflections, you will be in a position to see parts that are unacknowledged or hidden.

With this, the stone will offer more clarity as per our reflection. Thus you can know which aspects need to be released or healed.

Essential Benefits of Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian contains several benefits, some of which includes:

1. For Health Purposes

When it comes to health and healing purposes, you are covered if you have the black obsidian stone. This kind of stone possesses great powers that are essential in helping digestion and other digestive issues.

The stone helps in easing any problem related to the gall bladder as the aqua aura quartz does. On top of that, the black obsidian assists in enhancing good heart health and lowers the levels of blood pressure.

The healing energy generated by this type of stone contains more muscle tissue benefits. Other health benefits from the black obsidian stone are;

– Aids with controlling bacterial or viral infections.
– Calm and relaxation replacement
– Offers insight into the cause of pains and discomforts
– Drawing stress as well as tension from your body.
– Minimizing feelings of depression and anxiety.

2. For Relationship Purposes

There are many stones in the market in recent days, all possessing the power of enhancing a happier relationship. In this case, black obsidian crystal or stone is a crucial piece to possess if you want a love life that is perfect and joyous.

It is important to note that this stone is not necessarily the famous stone of love, but it got healing energies.

The energies can help you to find your desired love as well as facing relationship issues. The stone is ideal in auras cleansing, thus giving you more positive changes.

With this kind of obsidian stone, you can see clearly, if you are in a relationship.

3. For Wealthy

This stone is worth possessing because it is a lucky piece when it comes to wealth. Its energies are capable of changing bad luck into good luck.

As a human being, good is required more often, thus possessing the black obsidian stone is more important.

The stone is ideal for enhancing bad chi war off, emotional handling, and negative energy cleansing.

When negative energies are uncontrolled, it might affect your thoughts flow and personal decision-making. Thus there is no moment your emotions will ever take over, you will always perform the task perfectly.

Black Obsidian Cleansing

No matter the way you have chosen to use your black obsidian stone or crystal, you will be required to cleanse it perfectly. Then you are supposed to leave it programmed with your intention.

There is a wide range of crystal cleansing ways you can use. You can opt to use smoke as a way of cleansing your black obsidian crystal. In this case, use smoke from burning cedar, sage, or Palo Santo herbs.

You can also decide to wash your crystal with flowing water then leave it in the sunlight to energize it.

Once you are done with cleansing, you are supposed to program your obsidian crystal by setting the kind of intention you want to be assisted. You can do this by holding it with your hands.


Obsidian is composed of natural glass that is easier to maintain clean. Since the stone is more porous, you don’t have to use water unless polishing it because the materials don’t go well with water.

Once polished with water, you are supposed to leave it in the sun to dry, don’t worry because the color won’t fade away.

Always ensure those having sharp edges are covered with a piece of cloth when storing them. It protects the edges from breaking off.

If you want to clear your crystal, always cleanse it with a chime. You can also let it refresh its energy with sunlight.

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