what is moonstone used for

What Is Moonstone Used For?

Moonstone has been utilized as a powerful stone of guaranteed protection when traveling during the night, childbirth, voyaging at sea, and pregnancy. Also, it is believed to bring relief from menstrual problems, cleanse the digestive system, prevent water retention, and reduce obesity.

Luminous, Iridescent, and attractive Moonstone is among the favorite gemstone enthusiasts and crystal lovers everywhere. This stone is believed to be connected with feminine intuition and energy.

what is moonstone used for

Moonstone tends to remind us that our lives can also flow and ebb. It cultivates empathy and compassion and enhances clairvoyance and psychic abilities.

Generally, this Moonstone is one of the most beautiful and beneficial gemstone worldwide, but they’re much about it many of don’t know.

I have deep researched and come up with a comprehensive guide to help you understand what Moonstone is used for and other necessary related information about it.

1. What is Moonstone?

This is a natural and amazing crystal mineral that is thought to eventually harvest the moon’s energy. It is made with sodium-potassium aluminum and has a beautiful pearly opalescent look.

what is moonstone used for

Generally, Moonstone is translucent and delivered in different colors, grey and white, and can be blue, rainbow, green, pink, and orange. Therefore, the meaning of this gemstone is a new beginning and feminine energy.

2. Why is Moonstone Popular and Helpful?

Moonstone represents the divine feminine. It is known for solving women’s reproductive problems, balancing hormonal changes and emotions.

While the moon cycles, it connects us directly to nature, the intuitive and creative power of the feminine energies is activated by Moonstone.

Further, it aids us cool and balances our stress and emotions by putting us in the best tune with or feeling side and feminine.

Generally, moonstone energy is receptive, reflective, yin, and connected to people’s subconscious. In essence, this specific gemstone’s tranquil energy invites creativity, motherly and healing protection.

And its acts like a mirror for users to see their reflection. Its power can awaken our feminine energies, give passion, and evoke tranquility with an esoteric, sensual feel.

Moonstone has been a powerful gem that can mean many things with diverse healing effects. Overall, it is a lucky stone, balancing gem, wedding gift, sacred crystal, and eccentric jewelry.

3. Moonstone Properties And Benefits.

Based on the educational and founder-director of light and love school of all crystal therapy, this gemstone is believed to increase fascination, balance the emotions, correspond to cycles of life ad improve focus.

what is moonstone used for

Further, it is also thought to improve connection to the divine feminine, spiritual curiosity, increase the feeling of nurturing, acceptance, surrender, and patience.

Moonstone tends to encourage us to experience the freedom which is found via giving into our wild side and following our passions. Thus, this is a calming and great stone ideal for facilitating better sleep, enhance calmness, support psychic intuition and vision, and aid you have meaningful dreams.

Many moonstone healing properties can be overwhelming. Below are categorized benefits of Moonstone alongside with it healing properties:

a. Calm our masculine side

Aggression is often connected with our masculine side. Therefore, moonstone aids in easing such aggressive tendencies in women and men, bringing balance and peace.

The golden Moonstone is used in this regard, and it promotes masculine energy in individuals with soft dispositions.

b. Emotional balance

This gemstone is considered as best soothing stimuli in this modern technology. It brings about feelings of stability and power to different emotional storms we come across.

Further, these gemstones aids in promoting eroticism, love to users via triggering their kundalini energies and blood flow.

c. Vehicle to growth

Generally, any individual who wears this gemstone enjoys a surge in psychic talents and creativity, which contributes to the development of professional personality skills thus productivity.

Besides, the healing of this crystal contributes to improved intuition, prosperous life in relationships, and livelihood.

d. Healer of diseases

Moonstone is useful and heals the disorders and problems to one’s pancreas, liver, spleen, and stomach. Further, it is also known to assist the lymphatic system to eventually enable it to improve your digestive system and cleanse the blood.

e. Bringer of our dairy wellbeing

Essentially, it is a soothing stone that aids keep the pituitary gland balanced and helps the pineal gland to improve the circadian cycle to normalize your sleep cycle to cure insomnia.

Besides, its connection to the moon tends to bring someone the calmness and serenity needed for concentrated meditation and emotional wellness.

f. Good for the nosebleeds and other related ailments

Do you have a relative or friend who tends to suffer from nosebleeds? Moonstone has the power to aid regulate his/her body circulation and stop this disorder.

Besides, these stones also aid individuals who are suffering from depression and anxiety. And also by absorption of wonder endorphins and promoting blood flow in your body

g. Women’s stones

In essence, moonstone power is often perceived via enabling women to typically control their negative energies and anger. And it is believed to aid with pain relief during childbirth.

h. Companion during hard times

Have you been passing through challenging times, and you now think your life is ending? Relax! Moonstone carries the active tune for new begging to anyone in such a condition.

This stone enhances users’ intuition and allows you to get past grievance and melancholy.

4. Moonstone Uses It At Home.

what is moonstone used for

You can also use this gemstone as the best home décor. Bring small things like wall posters, coasters, tapestries accented with attractive and colorful moonstones.

Further, you can also think of Moonstone as the best dress mirror; you can have the entire moonstone furniture fixed rather than few small pieces.

Keeping Moonstone as home décor can eventually bring positive energy to our interior surroundings and aid the family members in dealing with health and psychic issues.

Besides, a freestanding table moonstone will enhance the beauty of the entire house and enjoy its utility. However, remember to wrap this stone with the best protective clothing and somewhere safe.

5. Meditation With Moonstone.

what is moonstone used for

Sitting to meditate with Moonstone is among the traditional and beneficial ways to enhance your creativity, intuition, and positivity. So follow the below procedure:

  • Look for somewhere quiet and calm, sit there, and relax.
  • Close your eyes, try and focus on your attention and breathing.
  • Hold your stone with your palm comfortably.
  • Try to feel moonstones en energy via imagining how your sense can spiral down to that stone.
  • On the highest white light, soft breath in and allow your stone energy to fill your mind.
  • Picture your objective, knowing that Moonstone keeps listening.
  • Soon you will start feeling like your body is connecting to the earth.
  • Now open your eyes start breathing deeply for some seconds, and how you come to the end of moonstone meditation.

6. Moonstone People Relationships.

what is moonstone used for

Moonstone bears an exceptional effect on individuals and lovers in a positive relationship. Besides, you might be seeking to be involved with the right person in relation, require intimacy with your companion, or struggle with the existing relationship. Either way, consider using Moonstone for true love.

For fidelity or fertility, thirteen moonstones are set in a twelve-month circle and placed close to your bed for excellent results.

Further, for greater intimacies, consider wearing Moonstone at full moon, then make love. In this case, the bodies of lovebirds will get harmonized to the lunar cycle. Lastly, to attain closeness with your partner, keep your Moonstone close when you are meeting her or him.

7. Moonstone At Work.

Provided that you have this specific jewelry in your body, it will be useful everywhere, including at the workplace.

what is moonstone used for

Now, if you want to benefit from Moonstone at work, this ideal is exciting but will work if you know how to beautify your space of work with different things enriched with moonstone glory. Therefore, consider buying a moonstone chair or sofa for your workplace or office.

A wind chine or doorbell with moonstone fixing can also be a wonderful addition. Besides, many business people and professionals believe in having hugely benefited from keeping g this gemstone while they attend their duties in workplaces.

Overall, Moonstone acts as wellbeing and healing and can suggest ideal guidance to profitable and right steps at work.

8. Moonstone In Our Spirit.

What Is Moonstone Used For?

Different variations of Moonstone are admired and much-celebrated when it comes to spiritual offerings like:

  • Grey moonstone is used to improve second sight and remove confusion
  • White Moonstone enhances the overall spiritual growth
  • Peach moonstone is used for emotional healing
  • Blue moonstone is used for telepathic connection and developing communication.
  • White rainbow or labradorite for protection from spiritual attack

9. Moonstone In Our Emotional And Feelings Healing.

This gemstone is believed to carry a sense of soothing, relaxing effects and soothing influences, which composure to individuals is wearing it. In essence, its milky appearance boosts our feeling, the confidence of stability and adds our elegance.

what is moonstone used for

Regular uses of this gemstone aid make us more responsive and receptive to any call of nurturing and care. And this way, we don’t risk getting closed or isolated from the community. When we reach existential crisis moments in life, we require a friend who can stand by our side.

Fortunately, to develop a state of stability and strength to eventually look beyond and make viable choices, you will need Moonstone to provide you with healing ability.

10. Moonstone Benefits Our Bodies.

Moonstone can cure some diseases and bring en energy to our bodies. The individuals with shocks might resort to moonstone healing by helping them balance water retention.

what is moonstone used for

And since women require support when passing through their hormonal flow and ebb that occur continuously, Moonstone offers them support.

Further, when it comes to assimilating our body’s nutrients, Moonstone decreases the severity of degenerative situations with fleshy parts, eyes, skin, and hair.

Essentially, many individuals claim that some of us who are struggling with somnambulism can still benefit from Moonstone. And even kids with hyperactive are not exceptional.

11. Moonstone And Chakras.

what is moonstone used for

Moonstones are connected with the third eye (sixth), sacral (second), and crown (seventh) chakras based on Hinduism and Buddhism. The sacral chakra is located below our belly button, extended to the center, and responsible for creative energy.

Therefore, when you place Moonstone below our belly button, it is tested and approved to bring balance to this specific chakra and boost the user’s creative activities, healthy eating, and eroticism.

The crown chakra is located radiates between someone’s eye and located on top of our head. Thus, it extends upward and outward infinitely to eventually connect to the user to all energy universes will provide.

And as a result, using Moonstone, specifically the white one, provides someone with consciousness and energy awareness to aid you to proceed to the right path of wisdom, happiness, and good health.

The other moonstone chakra is known as ajna third eye, located between our eyebrows but radiates down to our mouth, extending to the top of the head. This chakra is responsible for spiritual development that creates tune among our physical and materials world, benefiting from five physical senses.

Therefore, this gemstone is tested and approved to activate this chakra by giving its necessary energy.

12. Moonstone As Intimate Accessories.

This gemstone got a lot of uses and benefits, as we discussed earlier. You can come across the moonstone creations when you move around the malls or shops where the best intimate products are sold, such as dildos and sex toys. Generally, no part of these specific secret products but is used in making accessories.

For example, the moonstone yoni egg is among the women’s favorite intimacy products that aids get rid of their stress, anger, and tension as well as lead them to wholesome psychological and physical bonding with their companions.

On the other hand, the second accessories, such as nipple flakes and butt plugs, are also getting common among many ladies who crave self–induced satisfaction and district sexual tastes.


So you have been asking to know the user and deeper information regarding Moonstone, you are in the right place. And now you can have a final and detailed decision as to whether you can purchase this jewelry gemstone or not.

To keep your Moonstone safe and in good condition, consider storing it in a clean cloth to eventually prevent it from scratches. Good fortune, humanitarian, easy childbirth, happiness, love, spiritual insight, nurturing, safe travel, etc., are among the benefits you will enjoy when you invest in Moonstone.

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